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10/27/1979: The Cape Cod Dancin>Franklins!

During this month in 1979:

  • Larry Bird's NBA debut with the Celtics

  • Wayne Gretzky's NHL debut with the Oilers

  • Billy Martin's 2nd firing by the Yankees

  • SNL's 1st episodes without Belushi & Aykroyd (were they on The Cape?!)

  • the Grateful Dead's only shows on Cape Cod, featuring:

  • Brent Mydland's first Fall Tour

  • a 35-minute high-powered Dancin>Franklin's

  • Phil Lesh's thunderous bass storms during The Other One


Pro wrestling visionary Vince McMahon purchased the Cape Cod Coliseum in 1979, set up his corporate headquarters right there in South Yarmouth, and held several World Wrestling Federation events there through 1984.

photo credit tmwsiy


Are you prepared for debuts, new adventures, and thunder storms in your financial life?


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