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Prem G. Hira, Founder

Prem G. Hira launched Investry as a

fee-only  Registered Investment Advisory

firm in 2020.  After 10 years of operating a 

private value investment firm, Prem felt the desire to more holistically advise individuals and families on meeting their specific life goals.  Upon joining the XY Planning Network of 1400+ comprehensive financial planners, Prem formed Investry and adopted their fiduciary standard and their oath to avoid commissions and referral fees.  To that end, Prem is a proud member of the Fee-Only Network.

Prem's vision is for Investry to serve individuals and families that care deeply about the societal impact of their capital.  To that end, Investry clients view Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing as way to "do well while doing good."  Prem further believes that when one's investments are aligned with their values, one is more inclined to anchor to a long-term view instead of following emotional, impulsive behavioral tendencies. 

Prem holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.  He is an active volunteer with The Global Family Enterprise  Program at Columbia Business School.

He shares his life with his wife of 18 years, a teenage son, a fluffy Samoyed, and his three-generation extended family in Westchester County, NY.  If he's not giving financial advice, he's probably listening to live music (or doing both at the same time!).

Schedule a Free Consultation:

(914) 721-6040

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