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Phish Thanksgiving @ The Cap - 11/28/1992

On this date in 1992, Phish played their last show at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

  • The place was packed and radiating with Thanksgiving & homecoming energy from 1600 kids!

The Thanksgiving weekend tradition lasted 3 years: 1990 to 1992, making for a total of 7 shows at the historic venue (including the 10/6/90 set opening for Blues Traveler). Trey expresses gratitude for the honor of playing on this big stage at the 11/24/1990 show, as the previous NYC area appearance was in front of only 500 people at The Wetlands Preserve just 2 months earlier.

Links to full show recordings:​​​

Just a few months later in Feb. 1993, they sold over 6400 tickets for a pair of sold out shows at Roseland in NYC, and by 12/30/1994 they had sold out Madison Square Garden with a capacity of ~20,000!

Yes, the band was talented, entertaining, and energized at these Capitol Theatre shows, but the miracle of compound fan growth happens when a concert experience is so joyous and impactful that one can't help but share it with ever more friends and family! Whether you were there for Phish @ The Cap or any other popular band as they achieved and then outgrew a magical venue, you know the feeling!!


The "miracle" of compound growth has been one the of most predictable paths to sustained wealth in modern times. Alfred Einstein is said to have called it the most powerful force in the universe.

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