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Eyes of the World with Branford Marsalis - 3/29/1990

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

On this date in 1990, NY fans were treated to the Spring Tour's only Dark Star... but that wasn't even the highlight of the show!

  • The Grateful Dead regularly welcomed guests to sit in over their 30 years

  • NYC-area shows in particular opened up all sorts of possibilities

  • As their publicist and historian Dennis McNally tells it, "the band was cautious and 'auditioned' Branford Marsalis by asking him to sit in on Bird Song in the first set. Never did a musician prove his brilliance faster, and about one verse in, Garcia and Marsalis were trading licks like they were old friends"

  • Having recently slowed down Eyes of the World a few days earlier in Albany, the stage was set with musical breathing room for Branford to support and lead and shine

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