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GD @ UCLA - 11/17/1973

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

On this day in 1973, the Grateful Dead pulled into UCLA's Pauley Pavilion for a Saturday Night show:

  • They were only two weeks away from the first Wall of Sound experiment in Boston​

  • Bill Walton had just started his senior year playing for the UCLA Bruins, recruited his teammates during the week's practices on the home court, and brought them all up front at the start of the show!

  • The 48-minute Playin > UJB > Dew > UJB > Playin is one the all-time favorite Dead "sandwiches"


The increasing number of people providing care and support both for their parents and their children are known as "The Sandwich Generation" Its normal to feel torn between competing responsibilities, or downright uncomfortable addressing end-of-life wishes. Its never too early to start formalizing a plan to allocate family resources, uncover tax efficiences, and generally reduce intergenerational uncertainty.

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