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Charity Spotlight - Accessible Festivals

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

In the interest of making people feel better about the affect of their capital on the world, we feature charities that help achieve just that. If you need advice on the best way to structure your giving (with cash, appreciated stock, or through a Donor Advised Fund), we are more than happy to help!

This month's featured charity is New Jersey's Accessible Festivals, who's mission is to foster connection and understanding through the universal language of music, to provide a platform where people of all abilities and identities can connect and build relationships, and to inspire the creation of safe, inclusive, and equitable communities.

Executive Director Amy Pinder (also a co-founder of the Inclusion Festival) is a speech-language therapist with over fifteen years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and neurological differences in a variety of educational, vocational, and community settings. Her therapy incorporates joyful, regulatory, and play-based movement such as yoga, juggling, and hula hooping, which all promote mindfulness, encourage creativity, and improve overall wellbeing.

We've all been to concerts and seen that there is quite a wide range of experiences to be had for those that require a little help. Some antiquated venues and organizers seem to do the bare minimum, while others go the extra mile. Check out the super helpful Accessible Festivals guide to the most accessible events.

Disclaimer: Investry has not vetted this charity for their operational effectiveness, so we encourage you to do your own due diligence. This charity is not a client of Investry. Investry has not donated to this charity.

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